Tanis is blazingly fast! It's an app made for humans and leverages the full power of iOS.

In full control

Change the category, post processing script, whatever. Tanis supports it all!

Multi daemon support

Control multiple servers** with ease, remote or locally.

Easy setup

Use a step-by-step wizard to add a server. Forget about retyping 30 character API keys, Tanis will automagically grab it for you.

Smart naming

No more pesky long post names. Tanis will shorten those and even help you categorize downloaded NZB's.

Search history

Keep track of your complete search history. Restoring a previous search is a breeze.

Quick add

Specially for the power users amongst us we've added a feature called Quick add. It allows you to quickly add a NZB straight to the queue, without even leaving the search results.

Retina optimized

All graphics have been optimized for the latest iPhone and iPad Retina displays.


We've put extra effort into providing VoiceOver support.

Supports Newzbin,,,,,, and
** Tanis requires SABnzbd 5.0 or higher
Queue screen
Queue & history in one view
Search dialog
Search with advanced filters
Indexer selection
Select the index site to search
API key
Auto fetch api keys
Download details
All the important details
Queue screen
Queue & history in one view
Search dialog
Search with advanced filters
Indexer selection
Select the index site to search
API key
Auto fetch api keys
Download details
All the important details


Installing SABnzbd

  1. Download SABnzbd and follow these installation instructions
  2. During the installation select “I want SABnzbd to be viewable by any pc on my network”.

    Or, afterwards, manually change the SABnzbd Host setting to You can find this under the General tab of the SABnzbd Config section.

Using Tanis over 3G

The following guide explains step-by-step how to control SABnzbd across the internet.

Optionally you can also download a simplified graphical guide.

When you are done, always configure a web username and web password for SABnzbd!

  1. Configure SABnzbd to use hostname
  2. Assign a static IP address to the machine that runs SABnzbd
  3. Configure your internet router to forward the SABnzbd port to the static IP address. The default SABnzbd port is 8080

    You can find the port number by having a look at the settings tab of the config section.

    If you are uncertain how to configure your router, go to and search your router by brand and model number.
    Use the steps described for port forwarding the application "Apache". Just mind that you should use your SABnzbd port instead of Apache's default one.

  4. Add a new server in Tanis with your remote IP address. Find out what this is by accessing the site

    A better solution, to using your remote IP address, is to use a dynamic DNS service like DynDNS

If you can't connect with Tanis after completing the above steps, please check if you can connect using 3G only (by disabling wi-fi on your iPhone /iPad)


Frequently asked questions

  • What is SABnzbd?

    It's is a populair binary newsgroup / usenet downloader that runs on OSX, Linux and Windows. For more information you can read the SABnzbd Wikipedia page, or the official SABnzbd website

  • Why would I need an iPhone app like Tanis?

    By default SABnzbd has a web interface that you can use with Mobile Safari.

    We think web apps suck on iOS and the web interface of SABnzbd is no exception. Native apps provide a superior user experience.

    SABnzbd simply deserves a better, native, experience.

  • Will you support other usenet software like SABnzbd?

    Not yet, but this might change in the future. We haven't found any software that matches the rich API provided by SABnzbd.

  • Is your app secure?

    We use the iOS keychain to store any sensitive information. This includes API keys, usernames and passwords.

  • Do you send / save search information?

    No. The only thing we log and send are app crashes. You can opt-out of this by visiting the Tanis settings inside the iOS settings app.

  • How can I contact you?

    Need support, got a feature request or a question? Send us an e-mail, visit the SABnzbd forums or contact us on Twitter!


  • Download not visible after adding to the queue

    Check your server warnings. This can happen if you use Newzbin as the provider. Tanis and your SABnzbd server require the exact same credentials.

  • Newzbin works on one server, but not any other server I add

    In order to queue Newzbin NZB's you need to provide SABnzbd with the right credentials. When you enter Newzbin credentials Tanis will automatically try to store them on your server.

    When adding a new server simply go to Newzbin settings and press the save button. This will also store your credentials on the newly added server.

  • Cannot add NZBs of Newzbin to the queue

    Verify your Newzbin credentials in SABnzbd and Tanis are correct. Check server warnings for more information.

  • I cannot connect using 3G

    Did you follow our configuration guide?

    • Turn of wifi on your iOS device and only enable your cellular connection.
    • Try opening the SABnzbd web interface using Mobile Safari.
  • Few search results

    Most index sites have a maximum number of search results. For example, NZBMatrix only returns 15.